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Citizens Advice Peterborough

Citizens Advice Peterborough 


Although funding has come to an end for the Advice Transformation Peterborough project, Citizens Advice Peterborough (CAP) has been able to merge the work of ATPeterborough within CAP. 

This is extremely good news and not only gives staff members continuity but it shows that the project has been important and the information, advice and training that has been available via ATPeterborough can now be supported through Citizens Advice Peterborough.

Citizens Advice Peterborough is also undergoing changes so they can best support the different methods clients wish to access advice and to this end they have today launched their new website.

Citizens Advice Peterborough offers free, confidential, impartial and independent advice and information services.

We operate from our base in the city centre at St Mark’s Street and have outreach service with sessions across the city including at the Rainbow Savers Credit Union and at Peterborough Combined Court and Family Hearing Centre, along with our telephone advice and email advice services.

We are a progressive and dynamic advice service, operating from our city centre base, with a dedicated telephone advice centre and a range of outreach locations, we employ approximately 35 staff supported by 46 volunteers.

Our approach is client centered and focused on a commitment to quality and diversity.

We are not just here in times of crisis – we also use client’s stories anonymously to campaign for policy changes that benefit the population as a whole.

Aims & Principles of Citizens Advice Peterborough

The Citizens Advice service provides free, independent, confidential and impartial advice to everyone on their rights and responsibilities. It values diversity, promotes equality and challenges discrimination.

Our service aims:

  • To provide the advice people need for the problems they face
  • To improve the policies and practices that affect people’s lives

Citizens Advice Peterborough is keen to ensure that the people of Peterborough receive an excellent service when they need help from us.

Following a review of previous systems and in keeping with technological advances, we have made some changes to the way in which clients will be supported.

Clients who present face to face at the service will initially be spoken to by trained members of the Advice Team who will, wherever possible, support the client to help themselves, utilising tablets located in our information area.

Where the issue is more complex and needs further intervention the client will be taken to an interview room and the necessary steps will be taken to discuss options and agree the next best step for the client.

We aim to focus on early intervention to ensure clients receive the advice and information they need at the earliest opportunity and delivered to them via the most appropriate channel (ie, telephone, email, webchat or face to face).

The Trustee Board

All local Citizens Advice are independent charities, governed by their own board of trustees, who are ultimately responsible for the quality and range of the service. Day-to-day control is delegated to the Chief Officer but our Trustees: –

  • Set the overall direction and support the development of the charity
  • Ensure the charity meets the needs of the local community and the Citizens Advice membership standards
  • Employ Citizens Advice Peterborough staff and control the charity finances
  • Earn and retain the respect of important and influential people and organisations in the community, including funding bodies
  • Ensure the charity complies with relevant laws


When you arrive at our office you will be asked to complete a brief form.

You will then be seen by a trained advice worker who will discuss your options with you and agree your best next step.

The majority of our clients will access self help via tablets located in our information area.

Registered Charity. No 3507549

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Where to go

Citizens Advice Peterborough
St Mark’s Street
Get directions to PE1 2TU

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