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Broken Rainbow uk

Broken Rainbow

Broken Rainbow is the first and only UK organisation dedicated to confronting and eliminating domestic violence and abuse within and against the LGBT communities. We formed in 2002 and became a registered charity in 2004.


LGBT communities have changed radically. Within the last ten years, new legislation has given LGBT communities rights and equalities that we could not have imagined only a few decades ago. We have become confident and bold, challenging oppression and able to make demands. However, we are only just beginning to acknowledge the presence of domestic abuse and domestic violence within our community.

Broken Rainbow UK is dedicated to bringing the issue out into the open, raising awareness, and offering help and support to those whose lives have been affected by domestic violence or domestic abuse.


Our objective is to relieve the distress and suffering caused to lesbians, gay men, bisexual and transgender people by domestic violence and abuse, in particular but not exclusively by doing the following:

  • Raising awareness in the LGBT communities and elsewhere of the impact of homophobic, transphobic, biphobic and same sex domestic violence and abuse on the lives of LGBT people;
  • Offering advice, support and referral services to LGBT people experiencing homophobic, transphobic, biphobic and same sex domestic violence ad abuse;
  • Offering information, advice and training to people who are responsible for domestic violence policy and practice in mainstream and specialist organisations, or who are otherwise involved with the survivors and perpetrators of those suffering from domestic violence or abuse, with a view to increasing the physical safety and mental well-being of LGBT people who experience such violence or abuse.

Opening times:

10am - 8pm Monday
10am - 5pm Tuesday
10am - 5pm Wednesday
10am - 8pm Thursday
1pm   - 5pm  Friday

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Broken Rainbow

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