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EQUIP - Empower through Qualification, Unity, Inspiration and Preparation for Life

EQUIP - Empower through Qualification, Unity, Inspiration and Preparation for Life

Thanks to a grant from the Horner Foundation, Inspire Peterborough in partnership with the Peterborough YMCA Gym, is excited to tell you about our new programme which will offer young people aged 12-18 a toolkit for life.

E-QUIP will work with “children at risk” (not in education, employment or training; disabled, over-weight or obese; affected by mental health/self-esteem issues; having long term health conditions), to provide a pathway of opportunity to gain meaningful qualifications (from first aid to level 1 and 2 fitness instructor and healthy lifestyle) and develop skills that would otherwise be out of reach.

The programme will inspire them to become leading role models for their peers and in the greater community, providing the tools to apply for apprenticeships in the fitness and sports industry and igniting a passion for their future. 

We have been funded by the US based Horner Foundation for two years, and can offer 20 places in year one and thirty places in year two. 

Programme Timescale

September                 Advertise new programme

October               Young people apply by 31st October

November            Interviews, week commencing 23rd November

December            Successful Young People informed and offered induction

January 2016       Programme starts, based on school term dates

Holidays              Young People will be expected, and supported to, undertake

voluntary opportunities. 

For further information or an application form please contact Julie Martin, YMCA Gym on 01733 333085 or

Registered Charity Number 1089250

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