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We can provide initial information about childcare careers and may be able to put you in touch with local teams who will be able to provide additional guidance, training and support. 

General information about working in childcare

If you would like to read more about working in childcare in general, the Childcare Workforce Development Council will provide you with national information.

The Daycare Trust also provides good background information on childcare careers.

Current Job Vacancies

We publicise childcare job vacancies in Peterborough, please click the "Related Link" on the right hand side.

Working in pre-school education

Information for people thinking of working in a pre-school is available from the Pre-School Learning Alliance.

Becoming a Childminder

Peterborough City Council offers an Introductory Course for those wishing to become a registered child-minder. This introductory training provides childminders with the knowledge and skills they will require to begin their career as a childminder. It will help them understand and implement the legal requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS which is the mandatory framework for all early years providers).

 An initial Briefing Session sets out the legal requirements to childminding, the Ofsted Registration Process, course content, and the expectation.

Those wishing to continue will then register to attend the 10 week course which provides an understanding of all aspects of the EYFS, Observation and Assessment Skills, Child Protection, Behaviour Management and 12 hour Paediatric First Aid.

 Following completion of the course childminders will receive a PACEY (Professional Association of Childcare & Early Years)  Quality Start Membership which includes Public Liability Insurance, a set of PACEY business paperwork for childminders, plus a Fire Blanket.

 Newly registered childminders will receive a visit 5 months after their registration prior to their first inspection.

For more information please contact the Early Years & Quality Improvement Team  01733 863953

 Information for people thinking of becoming a childminder is also available at the National Childminders Association's website.

Childminders may be eligible to claim a grant to cover these costs through the Childcare New Business Grant;

The Childcare New Business Grants Scheme has been introduced to boost the provision of childcare in England and to incentivise entrepreneurship. It will encourage and support the starting up of new childcare businesses by providing a flat rate start-up grant of:

• £500 for new childminding businesses setting up in England those who are looking after one or more children to whom they are not related, on domestic premises, for reward and for a total of more than 2 hours in any day; (details correct as at the time of printing)

• £1000 for new childminding businesses, as above, that will provide care for disabled children; applicants will need to demonstrate that they have incurred additional expenditure in setting up their business as a result of this (details correct as at the time of printing)

 For more information please contact the Early Years & Quality Improvement Team  01733 863953

 Information for people thinking of becoming a childminder is also available at the National Childminders Association's website.

Opening Daycare settings in Peterborough

For people thinking of opening or working in Day Care general information is available from the National Day Nursery Association.

For information on local support contact us for further information.

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