Staying independent (Adults)

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Living independently - for longer

Most people over the age of 85 are able to remain living independently in their own homes in Peterborough.

There are lots of things you can do remain living independently in the community for as long as possible. This page  provides details of support that is available to help you do this.

Many people move to a more suitable home as they get older, so they are able to stay independent for life.  You can find out more on the Housing Options page.


Peterborough City Council's Safe+Well™ Service

Peterborough City Council's Safe+Well™ Service is provided by NRS Healthcare.

This service can help you choose daily living aids or guide you to other local services which may help to make your life easier at home.

Safe+Well™ questionnaire free assessment tool 

Get the right daily living aid for you

Use the Safe+Well™ free assessment tool to get the right daily living aid for you. Safe+Well™ can help you whether you are disabled, a carer, or simply need some help at home due to age or illness.

The right aids for you

Knowing what aids are available to help you, and which ones are right for your needs can be difficult. Our simple questionnaire helps guide you to the right type of product for your needs.

We will tell you where you can buy them

And we will tell you where you can buy the items, either on the web, or locally at a store near you. (You can find a suggested list on our partners page if there are local stores we recommend – but others also stock a range of items).

Start the questionnaire and answer the simple questions

Simply start the questionnaire and answer the simple questions. You don’t need to log in, give any personal details or register. You can see the products recommended, how they work, and even see videos of them in action.

Open the assessment tool

Free Safe+Well™ Telecare Advice

View the Safe+Well™ Telecare Advice web page to find advice on how to get help at home at the touch of a button.

Free Safe+Well™ Local Demonstration

Try out daily living aids at a venue close to home.

View the Safe+Well™ Local Demonstration webpage to use an online form to let us know if you are interested in attending a local demonstration & advice clinic to see daily living aids.

Safe+Well™ Occupational Therapist visit

Arrange a visit in the comfort of your own home for special advice on your personal circumstances.

View the Safe+Well™ Occupational Therapist visit web page to use an online form to let us know if you are interested in an occupational therapist visiting you at your home to provide a full assessment.

Free Safe+Well™ Telephone Advice line

A quick and easy way to help you choose the right daily living aid.

View the Safe+Well™ Telephone Advice line web page to use an online form to let us know you are interested in a qualified person calling you on the telephone to see what daily living aids may help you.

Buy Daily Living Aids

All the Safe+Well™ registered retailers have undergone additional training and monitoring so you can be assured you are buying from a trusted shop.

View the Safe+Well™ Where can I buy Daily Living Aids web page to:

  • Visit an online shop, call on 0345 121 8111
  • Or, find a list of local retailers details and contact information.

Contact Safe+Well™

  • Contact Safe+Well™ on 01480 415719
Home Services Delivery Team

Keeping you living safely and independently

The Peterborough City Council Home Service Delivery Team brings together teams across Adult Social Care and Housing. It focuses on keeping you living safely and independently in your home for as long as possible. The team provides a ‘one stop shop’ approach which looks at your ability to carry out activities of daily living and your physical home environment. The service brings together:

You can find out more about the team on the Home Service Delivery Team information sheet.

Living Independently

How to stay living independently

Most people want to stay independent in their own home for as long as possible. You can do this by:

Staying Warm - energy support

Staying warm - energy support

Find out lots of useful tips on staying warn this winter on our new page:

Stay warm this winter - information about energy support

Equipment and Technology

Making life easier

If you, or someone you know, struggles with everyday tasks, there might be gadgets or equipment to help make life easier. This might be equipment, adaptations, occupational therapy or Technology Enabled Care.

You can find out more on the Equipment and Living Aids page.


Support tailored to your individual needs

Reablement is a programme of short term support tailored to your individual needs, to help you (re)learn the skills needed for daily living and reduce the amount of care and support you need.  Reablement is about helping people to do things for themselves rather than having things done for them.  Reablement programmes can last from as little as a few days to a maximum of six weeks. 

Find out more on the Reablement page.

Stay Stronger for Longer

Strengthening exercises

Doing the right type of strengthening exercises is important. For older people, ‘strength and balance exercises’, which strengthen the muscles in the legs and improve balance and co-ordination, have been specifically proven to help people stay strong and steady.

Simple strength and balance exercises twice a week are a proven way to keep you stronger for longer, independent and enjoying the great things in life. You can do the exercises yourself at home. Find out more on the Stay Stronger for Longer page.

Avoiding Falls

Six out of ten falls happen in the home or garden. Improving safety in the home can help prevent you from having falls and injuring yourself, whilst allowing you to continue to live independently.

Visit our interactive Steady on Your Feet Home Safety checklist to help you identify hazards and improve the safety of your home.

Falls are not an inevitable part of ageing and many can be prevented. Use our Steady on Your Feet self-assessment tool to help you understand what is putting you at risk of falling and the simple things you can do to help yourself stay steady, mobile and independent. The short, interactive risk checker will provide you with a personalised action plan at the end with helpful advice and action you can take to stay active and doing the things you enjoy.

Help around the home

Trusted services

You could think about employing a local cleaner, gardener or handyperson but make sure that they are reliable and trusted. 

Home care agencies don't just provide personal care services. For a fee, they can also help with domestic chores, even if you don't need personal support. You can find local care providers in the Peterborough Guide to Independent Living.

The Handy Person scheme offers assistance to households solely occupied by vulnerable, older and/or disabled residents. This service is to maintain, repair and to assist people to continue to live independently in their home and is mainly for small non-urgent repairs.  Find out more on the Care and Repair page.

Age UK also has a homes and gardens service, providing help with household tasks and housework.

Help with meals

Making meal times easier

There are tools, equipment and organisations which can make meal times easier. You can get groceries delivered directly to your house, or use a meal delivery service (often known as meals on wheels).

There is equipment which can help with food preparation, making it easier to grip or prepare food with one hand. Daily living aids which can make eating and drinking easier.

You might want to find lunch clubs where you can meet other people, or find someone who can help you with food and meal times.

Preparing meals

If you need help with opening containers, using utensils or food preparation, there is a range of equipment which can help. This includes:

  • easy-grip utensils such as vegetable peelers, knives and choppers
  • boards which enable one-handed food preparation
  • drink preparation equipment such as kettle tipping aids
  • jar, bottle and packet opening aids

Eating and drinking

There are daily living aids which can help to make eating and drinking easier. These include:

  • non-spill, handled beakers
  • plate surrounds, to help keep food on the plate
  • easy-grip cutlery
  • keep-warm plates, bowls and mugs
  • hydration reminders

You can buy these from various places - some are available at high street kitchenware stores. Specialist retailers, including Safe and Well below, have a wider range, and allow you to order online or over the phone. You can also buy many items from large internet retailers.

Safe and Well

The Safe and Well website has information on products which can help you to live independently. There are 2,500 products which you can buy online, by mail order or over the phone.

Food delivery

Supermarkets - All of the big supermarkets offer online delivery. Some also offer a telephone delivery service for those who are unable to shop online. Please contact your local supermarkets direct to find out if they offer this service.

Fresh or frozen ready meals - specialised frozen food delivery services such as Oakhouse Foods and Wiltshire Farm Foods deliver across the country. They can cater for special diets and take orders by telephone.

Hot meal delivery - also known as 'meals on wheels', there are providers that will deliver a hot meal to you. In Peterborough you can purchase hot and frozen meals from icare cusiine.

Lunch clubs - These bring groups of people together - often older people - to socialise and enjoy a nutritious meal.

Employing someone to prepare lunch for you - you may be able to use a home care organisation to employ someone to help you with meal times. You can find more information about organising home care and a list of care agencies in the Peterborough Guide to Independent Living from Care Choices .

Food banks - Food banks provide emergency food supplies for people in crisis.  You may need a foodbank voucher - contact the foodbank for more information.  You can visit the Foodbank website here.

Staying Safe at Home

Keeping yourself safe

There are lots of potential hazards in our homes but if you're aware of the danger areas and unsafe habits, you are more likely to be able to keep yourself safe. There are preventive measures you can take and sources of help and advice.

More accidents take place in the home than anywhere else, particularly in the kitchen and on the stairs. It’s important to keep your home well-lit and clutter free to avoid falls.

To ensure you remain safe at home, you may like to think about some of the preventative measures such as:

Technology Enabled Care 

Fire Safety Information

You can find out more on our Staying Safe web page.

Safe + Well

Peterborough’s new Safe+Well Service, provided by NRS Healthcare, supports local residents who may be older, disabled, recently discharged from hospital (or caring for someone that is) to find ‘daily living aids’ to help with everyday activities and stay independent.

Contact Safe+Well on 01480 415719 or for more information or visit the Safe+Well webpage.

Guide to Independent Living

Further information

The Guide to Independent Living on the Care Choices website has lots of information on care and support options.

If you are unable to download the guide in PDF format or read it as an eBook, please contact us by calling 01733 747474 or using the contact form from Care Choices so a copy can be sent to you.

Adult Social Care Assessment

Helping you get the support you need

Many people are able to stay safe, well and independent without needing personal care. We recommend that you explore options such as equipment and technology and community help listed on this page first.

If you have tried other ways to stay independent and still need further support, the first step is to contact us for a conversation. We may suggest that you have a care needs assessment.

A social care assessment looks at your strengths and your needs and identifies what support you need.

This includes information and advice to help you remain independent for as long as possible, and care and support for those with the highest levels of need.

You can find out more on our Adult Social Care Assessment and Care and Support Planning page.

Adult Information Sheets - Information to help you stay independent, safe and well

Information sheets

On the Adults Information Sheets page you can find the following Fact Sheets:

Home Services Delivery Team


Assessment and Eligibility

Planning for your care and support 

What happens if you need care and support when you leave hospital?

How to make a compliment, comment or complaint about Adult Social Care

Your social care records and your rights

Contact Adult Social Care

Contact information

If you need to contact Adult Social Care please:

Complete our online form

Tel: Adult Social Care: 01733 747474 


Postal address: 

Peterborough City Council

Sand Martin House
Bittern Way
Fletton Quays

Providers, Organisations and Services

  1. Assistive Technology
  2. Befriending
  3. Hairdressing
  4. Home Care Providers
  5. Equipment
  6. Live In Care
  7. Meals
  8. Mobility
  9. Pets
  10. Respite and Short Breaks
  11. Sitting Service
  12. Domestic Support
  13. House and Garden maintenance
  14. Shopping
  15. Food delivery
  16. Medication delivery
  17. Telephone support
  18. Self Funder
  19. Here to Help

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