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Personal Assistant Register (Adults)

PA with food on tray for lady in wheelchair

Employing a Personal Assistant

A personal assistant (PA) can be employed if you need care and support to enable you to live as independently as possible at home. Personal assistants can provide help with your care and support needs.

You can search the PA Register for PAs available in your area. The PAs registered here have been trained and DBS checked by Peterborough Council for Voluntary Services, giving you the assurance they meet our standards.

If you would like more information regarding personal assistants or about registering, please email

What does a Personal Assistant do?

Providing help

Personal assistants can provide help with your care and support needs including:

  • getting out and about
  • shopping
  • meeting people, socialising and leisure activities
  • personal care, washing and bathing
  • cooking and preparing food
  • getting in and out of bed and chairs
  • taking medication
  • getting to and using the toilet
  • assisting with banking, paying bills and collecting pensions or benefits

Personal assistants are usually employed by people who:

  • are in receipt of a personal budget for their care and support
  • are directing their own care through their own individual budgets
  • are funding their own care and support.

How do I know that I will be safe with a Personal Assistant?

PA Vetting Service

Peterborough City Council commissions Peterborough Council for Voluntary Services (PCVS) to manage the PA Register.

PAs will complete an application form and provide satisfactory references.

They will need to provide proof of having a DBS check and will be required to pay for a new one before they strart work.

Information for Personal Assistants and how to join the register

Helping others live independently

Working as a personal assistant can be very rewarding and a PA can make a difference to a person's life, making it possible for them to continue to live independently. Please take a few minutes to look at the information provided about the role of the PA, that is involved, and how to get the most from the site.

If you want to work in social care, you can ask to be registered on the local Personal Assistants (PA) Register which lists PAs in Peterborough, enabling them to advertise their skills and availability to potential employers who have social care support needs. You will be helping to empower them to live as independently as possible.

To join the register, you are required to download and complete an application form which can be found on the PCVS website.

Benefits of being a personal assistant

  • Access to training
  • potential employers can view your professional profile at any time
  • employers have the assurance you have met council standards
  • access to monthly support groups for personal assistants in Peterborough.

You can find more information on the PCVS website