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Adults Information Service - COVID-19 information

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

This page includes lots of useful information that will help you through the pandemic.  You can also find information on the Peterborough City Council website.

Government information

Gov.UK website 

The governments is sharing a wealth of guidance and advice about how to keep safe during the coronavirus pandemic. 

All advice and guidance is available on the GOV.UK website - Coronavirus (COVID-19): what you need to do

COVID-19 vaccine

You can find more information on the council website

New Government letter to identify unpaid carers to help avoid long queues for boosters

Government today (Friday 17.12.2021) has taken steps to ensure that unpaid carers can use a specific letter to identify themselves to gain priority for the booster jabs for COVID-19 along with paid care workers, if there are long queues.  

 This letter is attached.

How carers can use the letter:

Carers should print this out and take this with them, or save it onto a device that they have with them.

NHS COVID-19 vaccination information

View the NHS COVID-19 vaccination information web page

Public Health England What to expect after your COVID-19 vaccination

NHS Vaccine Information Video

NHS England have produced a video aimed at autistic people and people with learning disabilities. 

This video uses language which is easy to understand and may help answer some of the questions you might have about the vaccine. 

Free Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Carers


Since October 2020 The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) have been providing local authorities with free PPE that has allowed us to support our care sectors throughout Cambridgeshire. However, this is due to end 31st March and a new process will commence in April.

PPE will continue to be provided free of charge to eligible primary care and social care sectors such as PA’s, Unpaid Carers, Supported Living, Extra Care, Day Services, Adult and Child Social Workers, Rough Sleeping Services however, requests are to be made using the new PPE Portal which is an online platform that enables the distribution of PPE to an address of your choice (this includes a home address for a PA or Unpaid carer).

This is in line with the Government’s commitment to provide free PPE for the COVID-19 needs of the health, social care and public sector until March 2023, or until Infection Prevention Control guidance is either withdrawn or substantially amended (whichever is sooner). Please see here for more details:

In order to gain access to the PPE Portal, the DHSC have prepared a short form. This will ensure you can continue to access free PPE from DHSC after local authorities have stopped distributing. If the group you represent is not on the list in the short form, please click “other” and the DHSC will look into it.

The link to the form is here:

We request that you order your PPE on a monthly basis wherever possible, as this is more efficient and environmentally sustainable. They will provide sufficient order limits to allow for monthly ordering, and you can request an order limit uplift by contacting their customer services team on 0800 976 6802. The team is available from 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week.

Peterborough Hub

The Peterborough Community Hub provides local support for our residents and will respond to individual offers of help or requests for support.

The Hub signposts people to local support provided through the voluntary and community sector, faith groups and businesses. It will also connect with and support mutual aid and other community-led initiatives. Parish councils and community groups in many areas are also offering direct support, and can also be contacted for help.

If you have no support network and need help sourcing food and medicine, or feeling lonely, please get in touch.

You can also search our directory and find an organisation near you who may be able to offer support.


Call: 01733 747474    Lines open: Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00

Easy Read guide to Coronavirus

You can find lots of easy read information on our Easy Read Coronavirus page

Staying Safe

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Beware of scams

You can find lots of information about Coronavirus scams on the Council's, Coronavirus (COVID-19) Beware of scams webpage.

Click on this link to go directly to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Beware of scams web page.

Information for Personal Assistants (PAs) and people receiving Direct Payments

The latest Government advice can be accessed here

Feedback from COVID-19 surveys

Healthwatch survey image

Your health and care during Covid  - Healthwatch England report

Over 1,000 people responded to this survey and shared their experiences. 

This final Covid report highlights the health and care struggles of some of the most disadvantaged in our communities. 

Click on this link to go to their website to find out more about health and care struggles during the pandemic

Click on this link to go directly to a pdf of the 'Your care during Covid' report


Coronavirus direct payments and paying for carers, Frequently asked questions

Long Covid-19 Service

Did you have Covid-19 more than three months ago?

Are you still experiencing fatigue, breathlessness, brain fog, pain, anxiety, low mood or other symptoms?

If so, we can help. Talk to your GP and ask for a referral to the Long Covid Service – a team of specialists who can support your recovery.

Long Covid Service Redshank House Hinchingbrooke Business Park Kingfisher Way Huntingdon PE29 6FN

Travel support to get your COVID-19 vaccine

If you are struggling to get to and from your vaccine appointment, Cambridge County Council and Peterborough City Council can help.

The Council offers free transport support getting you to and from your appointment.

Visit to find a vaccination centre near you.  Bookable and walk-in sites are available

Visit for more information