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Are you hoping to go to college in September? (Local Offer)

Teenagers at college

Video Tours

Video camera

See our colleges

Some of our colleges have recently made information videos to help you familiarise yourself with the buildings.  Keep checking this page and the college websites for these updates.

City College Peterborough Tour

Stamford College 360 Tours

View a virtual campus tour of Peterborough College on this webpage


Applications - online or postal?


City College Peterborough - accepting online and postal applications

Contact Skills for Learning Recruitment team

Complete the application form

Stamford College - accepting online applications


How to apply

application form 

Peterborough College  - accepting online applications

admissions & vocational courses options

on line chat with an advisor

search for courses 

Interviews and Offers

Lady on the telephone with headphones

Changes to interviews

Going into a college for an interview is not possible for the moment due to COVID-19.

Colleges are either holding virtual interviews or contacting young adults to discuss their applications.

City College Peterborough - virtual interviews and tours on Wednesdays.

Stamford College - telephone interviews for Skills for Work and Living applicants. All mainstream applicants will receive a conditional offer.

Peterborough College - no interviews. All applicants receive a conditional offer.

What happens next?

The next steps

Due to the changing guidelines for COVID-19 it is best to keep checking your college websites for the most up-to-date information. Colleges are working hard to ensure you have the best possible transition.

City College Peterborough: Transitions and Information

Stamford College:   What happens next?

Peterborough College: conditional offer and Steps to success programme in September.

How to prepare you for September - City College Peterborough

City College Peterborough logo

Preperation for starting City College Peterborough

Step 1 a Transitions officer will contact you.

Step 2- Visits Wednesdays.  A booking system (offered with young adult, parent/carer, support staff )

Transitions plan agreed summer term

How to prepare you for September - Stamford College

Stamford College Logo

Preperation for starting Stamford College

Skills for Work and Living key staff to contact you/online taster session.

All new students undertake a steps to success programme (6 weeks) in September.

How to prepare you for September - Peterborough College

Peterborough College logo

Preperation for starting Peterborough College

Step 1- Conditional offer

Step 2 - Steps to success programme in September.   

This is a 6-week course with intensive support to check course choice and level and introduce you to staff

Links to courses

5 Tips if you are looking to go to University

These tips have been sourced from a blog by Hannah Louise. 

Hannah Louise, a member of the FLARE disabled children and young people's group, gives her top tips for young people with autism who are looking to go to uni.

The Blog is on the Council for Disabled Children website. 

"Hi, my name is Hannah Louise! I am 18 years old and have just completed (very successfully) my A-levels. In September I started my university course; I am studying to become a primary school teacher in Sheffield and loving it!"

My top five tips for people with disabilities and special educational needs (SEN) when starting uni!

1.) When applying to university make sure you go as many open days as you need! It will help you to understand course in more depth and can allow you to evaluate if you believe that this is the course for you. More information prevents anxiety.

2.) Make sure that you apply for Disabled student support. It is really helpful and allows for all reasonable adjustments to be considered and may be accepted. It has helped me mounds and mounds. It is one of the most important of my tips.

3.) Make sure that the university is accessible for you and that you will be able to travel around the university, visit as much as you can and try to find the less busy routes to places where you need to go, this allows you to travel quicker without feeling intimidated or overwhelmed.

4.) Make sure if you’re travelling:

  • You do travel training to make sure that you know when the quieter trains are and how to get to and from uni.
  • You apply for a disabled students railcard or bus pass to save your money and thus are able to fund other needs.
  • Have strategies in place when things don’t go to plan to avoid stress and anxiety.

5.) Have fun, work hard and be better than you could ever think. Remember to put effort in and also have fun, try to socialise as much as you can and prove people you are better than they ever imagined. Why prove you’re the same when you can improve and be a better person?

Your disability does not define you, there is ability on disabled people we just need a little support. YOU ARE CAPABLE OF AMAZING THINGS. Keep on going and you will do great!