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Fact Sheets - Housing and Future Planning

Sample Fact Sheet

This page includes the following Fact Sheets:

Planning for Retirement

When nearing your retirement age, it would be a good idea to start planning ahead about things you may need to do, such as reviewing your care and support package with us, looking at your finances, checking what benefits you may be entitled to and checking any pensions you may have including state pension. There are many options available to help you prepare for retirement, including a vast amount of information and advice to help you stay well, safe and independent.

Moving to or from another area

If you have a care and support package and are thinking of moving to a different area, please discuss this with your current providing council who will ensure you have continuity of care. Your current council and the council for your new area have a legal duty to work together to ensure you continue to get the care and support you need when you move.

Sheltered and Extracare Housing

If you are no longer able to remain living independently at home you may need to consider moving into sheltered housing, extra care housing or supported living.

Choosing a Care Home

If you are considering moving into a care home, you should find this guidance useful. There are many care homes in and around Peterborough that have care staff on hand to provide you with 24 hour, 7 days a week support.