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Care and support for people in prison (Adults)

HMP Peterborough prison

Care and support for people in prison

Since April 2015, people detained in a prison or approved premises within Peterborough are entitled to an assessment of their eligibility for care and support.  

Eligible care and support needs may include:

  • help with personal care, such as washing and dressing
  • help with daytime activities 
  • help with getting around if it is difficult
  • equipment and adaptations
  • help with care and support to assist with education
  • help during meals

Assessment for prisoners

Assessment for eligibility

As a prisoner, you will need to be referred for an assessment and meet the national criteriafor eligibility, which is based on identifying:

  • whether your needs are due to a physical or mental impairment or illness
  • to what extent your needs affect your ability to achieve two or more specified outcomes; and/or
  • whether this impacts on your overall wellbeing.

However, the final decision about who is eligible sits with the local authority and must also meet the following criteria:

  • persons must be aged 18 or over
  • detained in HM Prison Peterborough;
  • reside in an approved premises, such as a bail hostel; and/or
  • moved from their usual residence as a condition of their bail in a criminal proceedings.

If you feel you need some additional help, just ask a prison officer or a member of the Health Care / in-reach team.

Whilst the Care Act ensures that prisoners and people in approved premises are eligible to care and support fundamentally in the same way as people in the community, there are instances of exceptions to the legislation. 

The purpose of the assessment is to identify the care and support needs of the individual and evaluate any risks to their independence and wellbeing whilst they are detained or residing in an approved premises.

When an individual is judged as requiring an assessment, the following areas will be evaluated:

  • support needed to communicate and understand their situation
  • understand any current care and support being received
  • current health conditions and disabilities requirements around:
    • personal care
    • day-to-day activities
    • mobility and moving around
    • social relationships and activities
    • opportunities for work, training, education and volunteering
    • mental health and wellbeing; and
    • safety and risks.

Download the Easy Read factsheet on care and support for prisoners in Peterborough. This document is readily available within HMP Peterborough.

Prisoners' rights to independent advocacy

Independent advocacy

From the point of initial referral, the local authority must offer you the opportunity for independent advocacy. The advocate can speak on your behalf if:

  • without support you would have ‘substantial difficulty’ in communicating you wishes, or understanding, retaining and assessing information during the assessment; and
  • There is no other appropriate person who is able and willing to help you.

Please visit our dedicated webpage for further information on Independent Advocacy.