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Adults Information Sheets - Money Management and Planning for the Future

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Money Management and Planning for the Future

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This page includes the following Information Sheets:

Paying for care

Unlike the NHS, social care services are not free. How much you pay for your care depends on your level of income and savings. This fact sheet gives information on:

  • paying for care at home
  • paying for care in a care home
  • personal budgets and direct payments.

Paying for your own care and support when you leave hospital

Going into hospital can be a worrying time for people and their carers/family members. It is useful to think early-on about what will happen when you leave hospital.

Whether you will need on-going care and support and if so how you will pay for it. Unlike NHS services, social care is unlikely to be free.

How do I plan for my care, treatment and financial affairs?

There may come a time when you are unwell and cannot tell the people around you what you do and do not want.

By making plans now, you can record your preferences for treatment and care. This will ensure that people responsible for your care know your wishes and can follow these.

Welfare Benefits Information Sheets

Visit the Welfare Benefits Information Sheets page for a range of Fact Sheets about benefits.