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Young man in a wheelchair beside a train

Travel Training

  • 42% of you said you did not know how to go out and about in Peterborough
  • 64% said you would like some help to become confident in getting about the city

Watch the video below to hear from Travis, who is your Access Champion.  He will tell you about how travel training can help you with using transport in Peterborough.

Travel Training Manual

We have produced a travel training manual in collaboration with young people, colleges and Family Voice. This is for schools and colleges and young people, parents and carers. 

Travel training is a programme that provides practical support for learners to travel by public transport. It is tailored to their individual needs. Its aim is to promote equality of opportunity through developing independence, confidence and the practical skills needed for learners to access public transport for education, work, or leisure. Travelling independently is an important part of a young person’s development. Feedback from young people who have completed a travel training programme has shown that they: 

  •  Feel more confident and independent. 
  • Can go out a lot more with their friends.
  • Do not have to rely on specialist transport – or their parents/carers. 
  • Have access to a greater range of college courses.
  • Have a better chance of finding and maintaining employment.
  • Feel safer in the community.

For parents and carers – a trainee’s ability to travel independently may see reduced reliance and dependence on parents and carers

View the Travel Training Manual for Schools and Colleges


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