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Services for young people

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We run projects for young people, like you, in specific areas of the city, these projects are designed to help build positive relationships between young people. You can also learn a skill, enjoy an activity, have a voice and make a positive contribution to your community

Youth Opportunities

Targeted youth projects (13-17 years)

We understand that some young people may not be able to engage in our main stream youth activities. With this in mind the Youth in Localities Team offer specific issue or theme based youth projects. These projects offer more intensive, structured or gender specific personal development opportunities that aim to support young people.

More information can be found here.

1-2-1 support

1-to-1 youth mentoring (13 to 19 years)

The Youth in Localities Team’s goal is to support disengaged, at risk and vulnerable young people to access personal development projects that keep them safe and support their learning. This time limited service aims to support young people to identify their own needs and create a plan of personal change. Youth Workers will also aim to support young people to access youth groups to help them meet our key outcomes.

More Information

National Citizen Service

The National Citizen Service (NCS) is a way for 15 to 17 year olds living in England and Northern Ireland to make extraordinary friendships, learn the skills they don’t teach you in class and create unforgettable memories.

More information can be found here.

Your Health and Well-being


You can find lots of useful information on health services for young people on the Peterborough Information Network.

Mental Health

Centre 33 Here Now

Free and confidential counselling. Whatever your problem, big or small, we are here to help Talk to us about family problems, sexual health, bullying, relationships…our advice is free and in confidence. If you need urgent help, we are here; it’s ok to talk to us – about anything


CHUMS Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing Service for Children and Young People provides therapeutic support in a variety of ways.  CHUMS has developed a unique service delivery model to ensure that children and young people are able to access a service that supports their individual needs.

Improving Access to Pyschological Therapies (IAPT)

Sexual Health


If you are thinking about having sex (whether it's the first time or the fiftieth), then it is important that you are ready, can enjoy it, and can take responsibility for it. This means protecting yourself and others with the right contraception for you and being clear on consent.

Education, Employment & Training

If you need support with your next steps post 16, whether you are looking for a job, apprenticeship, college course visit our Skills service website. 

Youth Justice

Peterborough's youth offending team is a multi-agency partnership with the council, Police, Probation and health services in accordance with the Crime and Disorder Act 1988.

The aim of the team is to help prevent young people aged 10-17 from offending. by providing the following statutory services to young offenders, families, courts,victims and the people of Peterborough:

  • the provision of persons to act as appropriate adults to safeguard
    the interests of children and young people detained or questioned by police officers 
  • liaison with the police and other agencies to divert young people from prosecution where appropriate and offer alternative prevention programmes if necessary
  • the assessment of children and young people who have committed offences, and together with other agencies the development of plans and interventions to meet the assessed needs. This includes the statutory supervision of those subject to Pre-Court Disposals and Court Orders both in the community and in custody
  • the provision of support for children and young persons remanded to youth detention accommodation, remanded to local authority accommodation, or subject to bail support programmes while awaiting trial or sentenc
  • the contact with all victims of youth crime, to update them with the outcome and involve them in decisions regarding reparative and restorative work that the young offender can complete keeping in line with the Victim Code of Practice
  • the provision of reports or other information required by courts in criminal proceedings against children and young persons
  • the provision of voluntary parenting and family support, and the supervision of parents subject to statutory Parenting Orders.

The team provides services for young offenders aged 10 to 17, their families and victim support. If you would like to get in touch with the Youth Offending team, please contact 01733 864210 or 864211, or you may email

Volunteer to work with Young People

If you are looking to work with children and young people in the future then volunteering as a youth worker will give you specific skills, abilities and experience that are highly sought after by employers. Youth Workers engage with young people on a voluntary basis in their own communities to help them to become successful, happy citizens as adults.

We have a range of youth work projects available that run across the city with links to other partner organisations. Our usual youth work sessions are on weekday evenings for around 2-3 hours and there are also weekends and residential opportunities working on the Duke of Edinburgh and NCS programmes.

More information on volunteering and how to apply can be found on the Volunteer to work with Young People page.

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