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Personal Budgets (Easy Read for Adults)

Personal budget

Personal Budgets

A personal budget is money that helps to plan your own support. This money comes from the council.  There are different ways you can get this money.  You can click on the blue words on this page to find out more.

  • If you want to you can ask Adult Social Care to buy your support for you
  • You can have money paid direct to you. You can use it to arrange your own support.  This is called a Direct Payment.  You can get help with managing your Direct Payment from Peterborough Council for Voluntary Services.
  • You can choose someone else to do this for you.  This can be a relative or other trusted person or an organisation that provides this service.

You can find out more the leaflet Your Guide on Personal Budgets for people with a learning disability

You can also watch a video on this page.