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Youth Inspired

Youth Inspired

Youth Inspired is a project supporting young people in Peterborough to have a voice and create the activities, events and clubs that they want and need. Our team is based at the PCVS office near Queensgate, and we offer expert advice, training and funding. If you’re interested please visit our facebook page and contact us.

01733 342683

34 Cromwell Rd,



Covid-19 update

As the situation with COVID19 has developed we have adapted to the current situation by offering a weekly Zoom youth club & young commissioners panel run by our own youth workers.

The panel, which is open to new members assess funding applications for young people focused activities and clubs. They are continuing to do this via Zoom during the lockdown.

Our Youth Inspired run Youth Clubs have now moved online (via Zoom) and we are currently running one club a week for young people across the City.  We will be sending out materials to young people so that they can take part in youth club activities from their homes and they will soon to be taking part in a Sunflower growing contest.

As well as a weekly online youth club we will also be running daily live Zoom sessions from contributors across the City. These will include; a doodle club, poetry workshops, body positivity sessions, phone camera skills and more! These sessions are currently set to run for 4 weeks and will be accompanied by a short online video that will be shared across our social media platforms for those who may not be able to make the ‘Lives’.

We have also responded to COVID19 by setting up a referral system for young people who may be struggling. Our youth workers will contact young people referred to us directly or via the Peterborough City Council and direct them to services that will be able to offer them the required support. This may include a Mental Health service or an online club or group.

We have also put together ‘Lockdown Packs’ for young people who may be finding things hard and who would benefit from a few items to help occupy them while at home.

We communicate to young people and their parents/carers through:

  • Instagram: @youthinspired_peterborough

  • Snapchat: youthinspired

  • TikTok: youth_inspired_pe