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Easy Read Leaflets

Easy Read Booklet

Easy Read Leaflets

On this page you will find some useful leaflets.  Easy Health is a good place to look for health information in Easy Read.

Mencap also have some information that you can look at.

You can also find lots of Easy Read information, including information about the coronavirus, on Beyond Words.

You can click on the blue words on this page to find more information.

COVID-19 - Information - also known as Coronavirus

COVID-19 image

You can read useful information about COVID-19 which is also called Coronavirus by clicking on the blue words below

Coronavirus - Protect yourself and others

Coronavirus - Wash your hands more often

Coronavirus updates in British Sign Language

Coronavirus - Swab Tests and How it works

Getting help with Access to Work during the pandemic

Coronavirus: Why we have added people with Down's syndrome to the high risk list

You can also download a free app called AutonoMe which might be useful.  You can look at it by clicking here.

You can find out more on our COVID-19 page.

Leaflets about Adult Social Care

Leaflets about Health

Leaflets about work and training

Leaflets about money

Leaflets about being safe

Leaflets about housing

Leaflets about your rights and choices

Leaflets about getting out and about