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Worried about a friend or family member (Adults)

Concerns about wellbeing We all want to do the best for our loved ones, and to help them stay safe, well and independent. You may have noticed a change in behaviour. Maybe you are concerned about their wellbeing or ability to take care of themselves. …

Technology Enabled Care (TEC) for Adults

Technology Enabled Care (TEC) Technology enabled care is Equipment and technology to help adults stay independent. Some of the benefits of technology enabled care are: increasing independence and confidence managing or minimising risk supporting and reassuring family carers reducing the need for a care package…

Paying for your care in a care home (Adults)

Paying for your care in a care home Some elements of care may be funded by the NHS for a short time period following discharge from hospital.   You should receive information about this, if it applies to you, as part of the discharge process. Paying…

Mental Health Crisis Breathing Space Scheme (adults)

What is Breathing Space? Breathing Space, officially called the Debt Respite Scheme, is a government scheme which could help relieve some of the pressure and stress caused by being in debt. Breathing Space aims to help relieve some of the pressure of dealing with your…

Stay warm this winter - information about energy support (Adults/Local Offer)

Practical information to help you manage electricity and gas bills This page has lots of useful information on financial support and local support to help you stay warm this winter.

Sensory Impairment (Adults)

Sensory Impairment Sensory impairment covers: Visual impairment Deaf and hard of hearing Dual sensory loss (Deaf/Blind)

End of life care (Adults)

Planning for the future End of life care refers to health care of those with a terminal condition which has become advanced, progressive and incurable. People often want to spend their last days at home and this is usually possible with the right planning and support.…

Dementia (Adults)

Dementia If you are concerned that a family member has dementia, the first step is to arrange for them to see a GP.  The word dementia describes a set of symptoms that may include memory loss and difficulties with thinking, problem-solving or language. Dementia is…

Coronavirus (COVID-19) information

This page contains information about Coronavirus.

Care and Repair (Adults)

Care and Repair Care and Repair is a Home Improvement Agency within Peterborough City Council. It assists older, vulnerable and disabled (adults and children) to repair, maintain and adapt their homes. This enables independent living and ensures people's homes are warm and safe.  The Care…