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Scope Sleep Solutions

Scope Sleep Solutions

Sleep Solutions practitioners specialise in working responsively and flexibly with families of disabled and/or additional needs children and young people with sleep problems to facilitate positive change in sleep patterns.

We are a responsive and flexible service for families of children with support needs and severe sleep problems. A series of appointments with the family explores sleep history, diaries, routines, behaviours and environments. Sleep programmes are created in partnership with all carers including respite.

Sleep Practitioners maintain support until a new sleep pattern is established

Our Sleep Practitioners have all been trained in a cognitive behavioural approach to sleep disorders specifically related to disabled children, young people and children with additional needs.


Who to contact

Contact Name
Maxine McCulloch
Scope Sleep Solutions
Parent Organisation

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Age Ranges
Referral required
Referral Details

Referrals to the sleep management programme may come from Paediatricians and by completion of Early Help Assessment to support referral of the child/family.

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Sleep disorders can present themselves in many different ways. Your child may be unable to fall asleep. They may wake numerous times through the night or wake ready for the day in the very early hours. If your child is finding it hard to sleep, then it’s likely you and the rest of your family are as well.

We offer a tailored sleep service that includes sleep training workshops, clinic appointments and home visits, where appropriate. This is as well as telephone and email support. We understand every family is different. We will support you in the most appropriate way, through your individual sleep programme.

Professionals are also invited to attend this workshop. These workshops enable them to help families address basic sleep problems.


Contact Name
Maxine McCulloch
Contact Telephone
07966 004704
Contact Email
Face 2 Face Befriending parents of disabled children
Local Offer Age Bands
0 to 5 years
5 to 11 years
11 to 19 years
19 to 25 years

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