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Peterborough American Kenpo Karate UK P.A.K.K.U.K.

Kenpo Karate is an exciting realistic self defense. Anyone of any age can learn and be effective under any situation, Kenpo Karate uses a modern scientific principle, coupled with the basic laws of nature to make it logical and efective. It is an art that uses speed for power, fast hands, fists, back knuckles, elbow, palms and chops are incorrporated in the multiple strikes in a blur of speed. High kicks are rarely used except in competition fighting mostly low kicks to unbalance and disable an attacker. All instructors are Black Belts. Training Halls In Peterborough Adults and children welcome.

Monday 7-9pm - Hampton Hargate Primary School Community Hall, All Ages Thursday 7-9pm - Matley Community Centre, Orton Brimbles.

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