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Peterborough Relationship Support

Peterborough Relationship Support


At Peterborough Relationship Support we specialise in relationship counselling, family counselling, young people's counselling and sex therapy. We see couples, individuals and families to offer whatever support they need in their relationship or marriage. We have several experienced counsellors working in various locations around Peterborough, serving Cambridgeshire and South Lincolnshire. We offer online booking and payment, and appointments at times and days to suit you.

Peterborough Relationship Support also offers Stop The Hurt, a 17 week therapeutic programme for perpetrators of domestic abuse, to highlight inappropriate behaviour and encourage positive change for their relationships. Our partners include Police, Probation Services, Social Services and the Prison Service.

"88% of those who completed our Stop The Hurt course have not come to police attention since".

Stop the Hurt - a programme for change

The Stop the Hurt behaviour change programme is a therapeutic 17-week programme for males or females aged 16+ who use abusive behaviours towards their partners, ex partners, children, or other family members. The programme is designed to help teach positive, non-abusive ways to handle conflict situations, and provides those who attend with a tool kit of tips and strategies that can be used immediately.  

 It also highlights the benefits of building and maintaining healthy, respectful relationships. Men and women who take part in the programme will acknowledge the need to change their behaviour, and have a desire to change and demonstrate a commitment to doing so.

What is involved in the programme?

There is an assessment process involving a 1.5-2 hour information gathering session, after which a decision will be made as to your suitability for the programme. There is a weekly charge of £50 per person for those accepted.

Those accepted into Stop the Hurt are expected to attend every weekly session and talk openly about their behaviour, understand the impact on their partner, family and take responsibility for their behaviour. Participants are expected to engage fully in all activities.

Stop the Hurt's goals:

•   Promote respectful and healthy relationships

•   Reduce incidents of domestic violence and abuse

•   Assist those who use violence or abuse against their partners to change and   increase their levels of responsibility and accountability

•   Support ex and current partners who are victims/survivors of domestic abuse to increase their safety

Who to contact

Peterborough Relationship Support


Where to go

Peterborough Relationship Support (PRS)
Ruthlyn House, 90
Lincoln Road
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