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ABA Horizons

We provide Applied Behavour Analysis (ABA) services to individuals up to the age of 11 with a diagnosis of ASD. We can provide ABA services at home or in the community, at a time that is convenient for you.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Jamie Spencer
Contact Position
Outreach Manager
ABA Horizons

Direct Services

Our direct ABA services consist of 1:1 therapy provided to your child for a specified number of hours per week in the home or community setting. The exact number of ours will be based on assessment results and what we think will work best for you. Direct services will be implemented by an RBT® or RBT® in training.

We understand that ABA services can be expensive and time consuming, therefore we want our services to be accessible and work for your budget. If you are interested in direct ABA services, there are three possible RBT® options available to you:

  1. ABA Horizons provides a tutor with RBT® certification.
  2. You provide a tutor that already has RBT® certification or that we can train to RBT® standard.
  3. You work directly with your child and ABA Horizons will train you to RBT® standard.

Other Details


We carry out a full assessment with the family and then build a schedule of rates depending on results of assessment.