Sutton Parish Council

Sutton is a small civil parish - population about 110 - located almost 6 miles to the west of Peterborough in north-west of Cambridgeshire.

Sutton Parish Council comprises five councillors who serve a four year term. The Council normally meets bi-monthly. It holds it’s Annual Parish Council Meeting (at which the Chairman and Vice Chairman are elected) and the Annual Parish Meeting in May.

Parish councils make all manner of decisions on issues that affect the local community. Probably the most common topics that parish councils become involved with are planning matters (they are statutory consultees), crime prevention, managing open spaces and campaigning for, and delivering, better services and facilities.

The schedule of meetings for the coming year are shown on the Agendas & Minutes page. Agendas are posted on village noticeboards and on the website at least three days before each meeting is convened. The venue for all Sutton Parish Council meetings is St. Michael’s Hall (actually the Church nave). The public is welcome, and indeed encouraged, to attend and provision is made at all meetings for public participation.

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What Sutton Parish Council does

  • All council meetings are open to the public and local residents are welcome to attend. Parish Councillors are there both to listen and to try to answer queries and assist with any local problems and issues where possible.
  • The Council reviews all relevant planning applications. A councillor will usually speak with neighbours and any affected parties. Where appropriate a response is sent to the Planning Department.
  • The Council has the responsibility to maintain the Recreation Ground off Nene Way, the Reading Room on Lovers Lane and shares the running costs of the Church nave with the Parochial Church Council. It also deals with the tenancy agreements and the rental of a few garden allotments together with tenancy agreements for the hire of grazing land off Nene Way and off Graeme Road. Also, a plot of land for agricultural cultivation at Sutton Cross.
  • The Council monitors rights of way and footpaths in the village, and asks for remedial work to be effected where necessary.
  • The Council also maintains the stone structure at Sutton Cross.
  • Councillors review any requests for donations to help village groups.
  • Councillors and the Clerk manage the council’s finances as per the regulations.
  • Councillors and appointed representatives attend meetings, where possible and appropriate, on matters of rural policing, the Local Plan, neighbourhood planning, parish liaison or new training requirements.
  • The Council has links with other appropriate groups and bodies to keep abreast of the law, new regulations, planning changes, local police matters, and associations such as CAPALC, Cycle West, Friends of Sutton Church, and charitable groups, etc.


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