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25 years conserving amphibians and reptiles!

We lead on action plans to improve the status of reptiles and amphibians, and we play a key role in safeguarding threatened habitats.

Using our unique experience, we track the conservation status and explore the ecology of amphibians and reptiles. We investigate threats such as habitat loss, roads, diseases and climate change, and we identify solutions.

Amphibian and Reptile Conservation manages more than eighty reserves in Dorset, Hampshire, Surrey, Cumbria and Norfolk, each chosen for their significant reptile or amphibian populations.

We provide targeted advice and training for land managers and other key conservation groups. We give general advice and information to the public, teachers, children and community groups.

Our advocacy work tries to ensure that legislation and policy decisions help wildlife, particularly amphibians and reptiles. We work across Europe and the UK Overseas Territories, with our main activity in the UK.

We often work alongside other groups, forming productive alliances to achieve our goals. In particular we work closely with landowners, volunteers, wildlife charities, and local and national government.

Education is one of the most important tools in the long-term conservation of amphibians and reptiles in the UK and globally.

By raising awareness, enhancing knowledge and encouraging people to take action, we can make real steps toward conserving our amphibian and reptile species. For these conservation efforts to be effective and lasting there needs to be equal access to educational opportunities, as well as chances to become involved in practical conservation work.

In terms of educational value, amphibians and reptiles can be important examples of key biological principles.

A number of species are widespread and locally common, even in the most urban areas.

Many of us have one of our first experiences in meeting wildlife with frogs, tadpoles, grass snakes or slow worms. These key moments can inspire a lifetime's involvement in appreciating and conserving wildlife.

Amphibian and Reptile Conservation has a long history of working with the education sector, from its previous entity The HCT.

Our staff engage with many levels of the education system, from children and teachers in schools, through to disadvantaged young people and those with learning difficulties, to universities and higher education institutes.

We are also involved in developing training for people working at different levels within the conservation sector.

Amphibian and Reptile Conservation's education projects are designed to engage wide and diverse audiences, learning from the people we work with as much as we hope they can learn from us.

Particular interest in working with communities & those who are seriously excluded, alongside our principle objective which is direct conservation work.

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Amphibian & Reptile Conservation
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