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Though education is compulsory in the UK for children between the ages of five and sixteen, school is not.

Many families prefer to educate their children otherwise than at school, and it is their right under UK law to do so.

Home educating families do not have to follow the National Curriculum and there is no single 'right' way to educate a child at home.

Welcome to EAHEN, here for the sole use of home educating families in the East Anglia region, the purpose of which is to allow the easy networking for home educators (whatever your educational approach) over the region as a whole.

We are independent from any other HE group, national or local.

We welcome discussions on all matters relating to home education, including communication and interaction with local authorities.

We are not aligned to any regional or local social groups and welcome notices regarding relevant events and meetings to take place or discussion of events that have already occurred.

Membership is by application, invitation or personal recommendation of an existing member.

We welcome home educating families whose children are not yet of formal 'school' age, but we are not a group for the 'merely curious'.

Please be advised that the Internet cannot be guaranteed as 'secure' so care should be taken when posting, especially in relation to children, their names, details etc.

Application requires you to provide details about where you live, reasons for wanting to join and a brief description of your home education history or intent.

Referral by an existing member or membership of another group would greatly assist your application.

The group moderators reserve the right to refuse membership at their discretion.

This group is for home educators ONLY.

It is NOT open to national or local government officials, or anyone acting on their behalf.

It is NOT open to the media, teachers, lawyers or others who are merely curious about home education for the purpose of research or other objective reasons.

Should you attempt to subscribe and be employed in any of the above, your membership will be immediately terminated and a formal complaint made to your superiors/employers, ISP and other authorities as relevant

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