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Direct Payments Peterborough - Enable Money Management

Enable Money Management provides managed accounts for recipients of direct payments and other sources of health and social care funding.

Put simply, we hold money and make payments on behalf on individuals who require additional support with administering their health and social care funding.

Our service can be used to hold Direct Payments, Individual Service Funds, Personal Budgets, Independent Living Funds, Personal Health Budgets, Self-Funded Budgets, and Local Education Authority funding to name but a few.

With our Managed Accounts we take away the stress of managing these different funds and all the financial monitoring and reporting that goes alongside receiving them whilst ensuring that all parties remain informed and that each person receiving funding remains in control every step of the way.

Our real-time systems allow transactions to be viewed at any time.

Managing and arranging support and payments couldn’t be easier than with our new Money Management tools designed with everyone in mind.

Something for everyone?

If you are receiving funding to pay for any element of your health and social care needs our Managed Accounts Service will ensure that you are supported to meet all of your funders requirements in terms of what you spend your monies on and reporting your spending, whilst giving you full access to all your information at any time.

If you are a Local Authority or funding body looking for a solution that gives you real-time reporting, enhanced safeguarding of customer monies and a service that checks payments against Support Plans before they are made along with much more then the Enable Money Management Service may be for you.

Perhaps you are a Personal Assistant or Service Provider?

With our system you will be able to track your payments and see your invoices and payslips at the touch of a button.

And there’s more…

There is so much that the Enable Money Management service has to offer including the option to have an account with a pre-payment card.

To find out more simply contact us or complete the enquiry form online.

Direct Payments allow you to manage your own money for community care.

Direct Payments are for people who are physically disabled, elderly, have a learning or mental health difficulty, or a long term illness.

Carers and parents of children with disabilities can also opt for Direct Payments.

We will visit and can help with….

- Setting up a bank account for your Direct Payments, and keeping financial records
- Provide help with recruitment and payroll service if you are employing a personal care assistant
- Provide ongoing support

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