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Creating Real & Equal Development Opportunities (CREDO)

The CREDOTM Project aims to develop good practice and planning with young people perceived as having profound and complex impairments as they look forward to adult life. It stands for Creating Real and Equal Development Opportunities.

Our CREDO Service provides a set of interventions that works to empower young people, aged 13–19 years, by ensuring that they are always the focus of decisions and that they remain in control of the transitional planning process.

The work involves:

- Celebrating the gifts of young people perceived as having multiple impairments, highlighting the positive contribution they can make to the community and showing that all young people can live interdependently.
- Setting up and sustaining a Circle of Support around each young person and where possible establishing these Circles in the Classroom.
- Using Person Centred Planning techniques, to explore, express and achieve inclusion.
- Working with each young person to give them a voice, to share stories of success and to achieve self-advocacy and participation

Through this work we promote:

- Social inclusion in ordinary community settings
- Opportunities for people to develop natural friendships and relationships
- Chances for people to learn and develop their skills
- Attitudes that value and celebrate difference
- Communication through the widest and most creative means
- Development of the whole person, taking into consideration health, relationships, home life, activities, purpose, risk, learning and creative expression.

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