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Ducklings Baby and Toddler Swimming Sessions

Teaching very young children to swim

The Vivacity Swim Academy starts at the foundation level which looks at developing early years water confidence which is encouraged through ‘parent and baby’, ‘pre-school’ and ‘swim-a-song-steps’ sessions. These sessions help develop basic motor skills and introduce young children to the water and pool environment. ‘ASA Duckling’ awards are available for achievements at this stage.

  • Duckling fun sessions for 3months+
    Exploring the fun of learning to swim and growing water-confidence session with parents. (View the video below).
  • Alpha-Step sessions for toddlers (steps 1,2, and 3)
    A great stepping stone in preparation for Stage 1 or for children requiring more confidence.

Who to contact

Contact Position
01733 864 000

Where to go

VivaCity Peterborough