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FISU Meditation

FISU Meditation 

Abouts us:

We are a non-profit organisation, offering free meditation and mindfulness courses. 

FISU Meditation teaches a unique form of individually prescribed meditation and spiritual practices that include mindfulness elements.

Our techniques are easy to learn and effortless to practice, yet take you on a beautiful journey of personal transformation through self-discovery, and establish you on a solid foundation of peace and well-being and better health.  You’ll learn to relax profoundly and naturally eradicate negative stress from your life – and you’ll achieve this quickly under our guidance.

How to arrive at your FISU Teaching Centre

Length of Introductory Talk: 75 Minutes

Please use the map below to locate the centre.

Car Parking: Yes

Where: On Street

Nearest Bus Stop: Eagle Way, Hampton Vale, Peterborough

On Bus Route: Stagecoach, Service 6

Time to Centre from Bus Stop: 2 minutes walk

Nearest Overground Station: Peterborough

UK Registered Educational Charity No: 1061185

Who to contact

Contact Name
Teacher: Karunesh & Luisa

Where to go

Chaffinch Way
Hampton Vale
Get directions to PE7 8LY