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Vivacity Sports or Sports Plus pass was @ctive card

Vivacity gave notice to the council on 18 June 2020 that it is unable to deliver the current contract due to lockdown and COVID-19 restrictions - and this began a 90 day period to manage the transition.  Peterborough City Council has begun a review of all services to consider how they might be delivered in the future – either by the council alone, or in partnership with others.   

From 18 April 2012, the Active card will no longer be accepted at Vivacity Sports Centre. All current Active card holders will instead be issued with a Vivacity Sports Pass.

Your new Vivacity Sports or Sports Plus pass will immediately entitle you to the corresponding level of benefits of your existing Active Card.

The Vivacity Sports Plus pass is part of a new Vivacity–wide scheme, which aims to bring Peterborough’s culture and leisure to as many people as possible. Over the coming months, many more benefits will become available to you, including discounts across arts and heritage, and membership of Peterborough libraries. Keep checking back here for updates.

What do I need to know?

Staff at Vivacity Leisure Centres will issue your new Vivacity Sports pass upon showing your Active card: the Vivacity Sports pass will automatically correspond to your existing Active card status. We may ask to check your details, to make sure that we have up to date information on our system. At a later stage, as more Vivacity card benefits become available, staff will make sure that your card is activated to take advantage of these. Other than that, you don’t need to do anything, except to continue to enjoy using our facilities.

I’m new to Vivacity – how do I get a Vivacity card?

Ask any member of staff for details on how to register – anyone can get a card, and the entry level card is FREE. You can then choose to upgrade to a Sports or Sports Plus pass for additional benefits:

Who to contact


Where to go

Town Hall
Bridge Street