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The NSPCC in Peterborough works with children and young people who are worried about abuse.

Abuse can include sexual, physical or emotional harm; bullying, or anything that means a child or young person is being hurt or feeling afraid. Children's Services Practitioners work in some schools in Peterborough helping children and young people use our services in schools.

Our services are for all children and young people between the ages of 5 to 16 years. Children and young people do not have to tell us their name if they do not want to.

Information will remain confidential unless workers feel that the child or young person or any other young person is in danger. NSPCC staff can support a young person without the consent of a parent or carer as long as they have been assessed by a worker as old enough and able to make their own decisions.

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0 to 5 years
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11 to 19 years

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