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Cued Speech has been adapted into 60 languages and dialects so far and was devised by the late Dr Orin Cornett, Professor Emeritus of Audiology, Gallaudet University, USA.

The Cued Speech Association UK (CSAUK) is a registered charity run by users of Cued Speech (both parents and professionals) who provide information about and training in Cued Speech.

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If you have a deaf baby or child, or support one at school or nursery, we can help you communicate, and enable your child to fully learn the English language, by teaching you the simple system of Cued Speech (CS). CS, which can be learnt in about 20 hours, combines eight handshapes in four positions near the mouth, with the lip patterns of normal speech, to make every sound a person is saying visually clear.

CS can work alongside British Sign Language (BSL) for true bilingualism in both BSL and English, and complements the use of hearing aids and implants.

Our charity provides: information about and training inCued Speech throughout the UK.


  • If you are the parent of a deaf child or baby, with little to no background knowledge of CS, we recommend you start by reading our basic informtion
  • If you or your child is a BSL user, visit our page on CS bilingualism to see how both systems can work together
  • If your child has or might have an aid or implant, go to our section on cochlear implants to find out more.
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