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Brand New Zumba at Werrington Leisure Centre

Brand New Zumba at Werrington Leisure Centre

Looking for a way to stay active and healthy this summer?

There’s a brand new Zumba class beginning at Werrington Leisure Centre – a perfect way to start getting ready for summer. Come and join us every Thursday from 6pm – 7pm – it’s free for all members!

Benefits of Zumba include:

1. Weight loss

The average person will burn between 600 to 1000 calories during a Zumba session, making it one of the most enjoyable ways to expend excess energy and improve your cardiovascular system (and because it’s fun, you probably won’t even notice the effort!)

2. Stress Relief

The upbeat moves specific to workouts like Zumba favour the release of mood-enhancing endorphins and, with music pumping around you, it’s easy to lose yourself in your workout. Perfect for shaking off the stress of the week before the final furlong of Friday comes around.

3. Great For All Ages

Zumba contains lots of fun elements and, as with regimes such as yoga, allows you to set your own limits and improve on them each time. It’s perfect exercise for the elderly as it can keep you staying strong, active and supple and similarly great for kids as a great way to blow off excess steam.

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Werrington Sports Centre
Staniland Way
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