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Disability Peterborough Focus Group questionnaire

As you may be aware, Disability Peterborough is a user-led charity with 35 years’ experience of supporting local disabled people. Together with its projects, Shopmobility Peterborough and Inspire Peterborough, we work to promote disability equality, high-quality support, specialist advice, mobility equipment and accessible sports and leisure activities.

We take the opinions of our members and local disabled people and their families seriously and feel that with regular communication between us we can empower the lives of our local disabled residents and reduce social isolation. Therefore we have developed a confidential Survey Monkey questionnaire which we would ask you to complete and return.  

The feedback that we get from the surveys will enable us to see what people want in terms of local services and leisure activities and will be used to help drive us forward and to be able to access further funding so that we can carry on doing what we do best, to support people in a holistic manner. Whilst we cannot promise to say yes to everything we will do our best to provide as much as we can.

We take the privacy of our members and clients extremely seriously and we will ask for permission to use any of the feedback with other organisations if and when necessary.
The first set of questions will revolve around benefits support, the second around sports and fitness, the third around crafts and leisure, and the fourth around the Disability Forum.

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