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Brake's Kids Walk

Brake's Kids Walk

On Wednesday 10 June 2020, children aged 4-11 will put their best feet forward to take part in a Brake's Kids Walk and promote road safety and the health and planet-saving benefits of walking.

Brake’s Kids Walk is a short, supervised walk, involving thousands of children walking at the same time to promote important road safety messages. Children walk in pairs in crocodile formation, while holding hands, to emphasise the importance of being able to walk without fear or threat from traffic.

Brake's Kids Walk is a great way to inspire and engage children about the dangers they face and raise awareness among parents and the wider community about the need to protect children on roads. It’s also a great opportunity to fundraise for Brake and support families who have lost loved ones in road crashes.

Brake's Kids Walk is supported by Aardman and Shaun the Sheep. Shaun is helping children call on their grown ups to make their streets safer and healthier for everyone.

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