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Orton Longueville Parish Council

he present parish of Orton Longueville includes the old parish of Botolphbridge, with which it became united in 1702. The civil parish is known as Orton Longueville; the ecclesiastical parish was known as Orton Longueville with Botolphbridge. In 1728 an Act of Parliament was passed for confirmation of the inclosure of Orton Longueville and Botolphbridge.

There were some changes to the civil boundary in 1956. Orton Longueville is now part of Peterborough Urban area.

The early history is of the formation of the two parishes of Orton Longueville and Orton Waterville. In Domesday Book no distinction of name is made and the different holdings are all called Overton, and only one church is mentioned. Originally it seems to have been king’s land and in his soke, but a portion was alienated, probably by King Edgar, to the Abbey of Peterborough and formed in the reign of King Edward the Confessor a berewick of the Abbey manor of Alwalton.

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