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Paediatric Transition Service

Who is Transition For?

Transition is for anyone over 11 years and older who has an ongoing healthcare need.  You may have asthma or epilepsy, you may struggle with your mental health or have diabetes.  You may have a learning disability.  Whatever your healthcare need, at some stage you will move from the children’s teams & join the adult healthcare system.  We know this is scary.

Why Transition?

It would be lovely to keep the same medical team that you’ve known for years but unfortunately, they specialise in paediatrics and you’re becoming an adult.  You probably don’t want to be surrounded by screaming babies when you come in for appointments either!

The truth is – adult services work differently, they look different, they’re in a different part of the building & you’ll likely meet new faces.  This can be quite daunting.  We also know you have a lot going on beyond your health condition.

Very simply, our job is to empower you, support you & to try to make your life just a little bit easier.  We do this by appreciating that you are more than a health condition.

When do I Transition?

There’s no set age – it will vary depending on you, but we like to start from 11 or 12 years of age.  It may be a little later but we’ll always try to start when it’s right for you.  You’ll normally move on at around 16 years.  This will depend on what team look after you, but it’s worth thinking about the fact that if you needed to be admitted to hospital, once you turn 16 you will normally (with a few exceptions) be admitted on to an adult ward, so it makes sense to prepare as much as possible.  We’re here to help you with this.

How do I Transition?

How we go about this will depend entirely on you.  Your team may oversee your transition into the adulthood, but if you’re introduced to our team, we will have a meeting to make a plan that works for you.  This can be here at the hospital, at your home or school – wherever you feel most comfortable.


We can use a system called Ready, Steady, Go which is a really easy to use transition tool; it’s a series of three questionnaires which helps us identify areas that it would be useful to address e.g. managing your prescriptions, your knowledge around your condition but also all those other things that are going on; lifestyle, relationships, education/careers, your mental health etc. If we identify a need that you’d like to address, we will do that together.


Alternatively, we can do some advanced care planning, so that all that knowledge you, your family & your teams have built up over the last few years can be documented & communicated with your new teams.  Some people just want a point of contact for those just-in-case moments or to physically visit where they’ll be seeing their new teams.

 Whatever we decide to do, you will be at the centre & it will be a gradual process.

 This isn’t exhaustive – we’re always happy to find new ways of working with you.


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We will accept referrals from any one that knows a young person & their family/support network in a professional capacity.  This can be using any of our contact details.

We are very happy to speak to you directly as well.


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