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The power of personal stories

icould.com uses the power of personal stories to inform young people’s career choices.

Run by the Education and Employers charity as part of Inspiring The Future, icould.com can be used as a standalone resource or to support Inspiring The Future’s core activities.

Free and simple to use - over 1000 videos of people talking about their careers 

Free and simple to use, icould.com features over 1000 videos of people talking about their careers – explaining their job role, career path, and how different factors have shaped their direction.

Videos can be filtered by job type or subject

Videos can be filtered by job type or subject and cover a range of sectors and levels, encouraging young people to draw links between school subjects and jobs, and discover opportunities they may not have known about before. Exploring these real-life stories also enables students to tap into perspectives outside their networks or take inspiration from situations that reflect their own experiences.

Each video is matched with labour market information – such as salary, qualifications and future employment – bringing together first-hand insight with practical next steps.

Buzz Quiz

Other site features include the Buzz Quiz, which encourages self-reflection and explores links between personality and work, and a range of written guides and articles covering issues such as GCSE options or university choices; exams and revision; and finding and applying for jobs.

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