Compliments, comments and complaints (Adults)

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Adult Social Care compliments, comments and complaints

Peterborough City Council is committed to providing high standards of service. You can help us to do this by telling us when we do something right or when things go wrong.

Most complaints can be resolved locally, by talking to your care worker, or their manager.

In some cases, you might feel like you can't complain due to your circumstances. Or you might have tried to complain unsuccessfully. You can take your complaint further with our official complaints procedure.

Who can make a complaint?

Who can complain?

You can make a formal complaint to us if you:

  • Receive or have received services provided or commissioned by Peterborough City Council.
  • Are affected, or likely to be affected, by an action or decision of Peterborough City Council.

Complaining on behalf of someone else

You can complain on behalf of someone else if they have grounds to complain and they:

  • Have died, or
  • Can’t make the complaint themselves because they aren’t physically or mentally capable, or
  • Have asked you to act on their behalf. In this case, we would only share information if we receive consent from the individual concerned
How do I make a complaint?

What to do

You should start by talking to the member of staff with who you are in direct contact. If that is not possible, or if you are still not happy, you should ask to speak to that person’s manager or the customer service team. Most problems can be sorted out quickly through discussion.

If you are still not satisfied, you can contact the council's Complaints Team.  You can write to them, email them, or contact them by telephone.  Their contact details are shown below.

The Central Complaints Office

  • Sand Martin House
    Bittern Way
    Fletton Quays
    PE2 8TY

You can also complete the council's online complaints form.

You should normally make a complaint within 12 months of the date of the event that you are complaining about, or as soon as you first knew about the problem.

Independent Advocacy

Providing advocacy

If you need independent support with the complaints process you can contact Voiceability.

Voicalibility provide advocacy services in Peterborough.


What happens next?

The next steps

Once your complaint has been received, we will inform you within three working days. This letter will state when we hope to be able to respond to your complaint.

We will contact you to set a new timeline if the investigation will likely take longer than planned.

If you are complaining on someone else's behalf, we may need to get their permission before we can move forward.

We will discuss with you if we need to share your information with other organisations who might need to engage in your complaint.

If you are not happy with the response letter, the Assistant Director or Service Director of Adult Social Care can review your complaint.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the outcome of my complaint?


You have the right to speak with the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman (LGSCO) if you are not happy with our response to your complaint.

What can I do if I have paid for my own care?

Complaints procedures

In the first instance you need to complain to the organisation providing your care.  All care providers are required to have a complaints procedure. 

If you are dissatisfied with their response you can contact the Local Government and Social Care (LGSCO) Ombudsman.

They will consider all complaints regardless of how the care has been funded. Their job is to investigate complaints in a fair and independent way.

In most cases they will only consider a complaint once the care provider has been given a reasonable opportunity to deal with the situation. It is a free service.

What is not covered by the Complaints Procedure?

When can't you use the complaints procedure?

You can’t use the complaints procedure if:

  • You made a complaint orally and it was sorted out by the end of the next working day
  • You’re employed by the organisation and you want to complain about an employment issue
  • Your complaint has already been considered under the complaints procedure
  • Your complaint has been, or is being, investigated by the Local Government Ombudsman
  • Legal action is underway

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