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Local Offer Parent Carer Participation

Family group

This is a new Local Offer webpage and was set up early September 2019 .

The page has been set up in response to parents who have requested their own page on the Local Offer, where they can find information on a range of areas and where they can interact.

We are unable to make this page interactive at the moment, but felt it best to start a page of information whilst we look into improving the 'participation' element.

In the meantime, if, as a parent, you want any information to be added, please email: 

Family Voice Peterborough

Family Voice logo

Family Voice Peterborough

Family Voice Peterborough is a local registered charity who are actively seeking to improve services in all areas of the lives of children and young people with disabilities or additional needs. They support parents and carers of children and young people aged 0—25 years with a disability or additional needs.

Family Voice Peterborough send parent reps and trustees to attend strategic meetings in relation to various strands of the SEND reforms.

The service they provide includes:

  • Helping parents and carers engage with professionals across Health, Education and Social Care.
  • Facilitating participation in service delivery.
  • Providing a voice for parents at strategic level meetings
  • Holding informative events 
  • Helping parents and carers have access to the information about what services are available to them.
  • Signposting parents and carers to other agencies/ organisations who provide specific services that they do not.


To ensure parents and carers have a genuine influence in the shaping of services

  • Facilitate participation in service delivery
  • To raise awareness of unmet needs and ensure that parents and carers have the opportunity to raise issues and areas of concern
  • To work in partnership with all other statutory and voluntary organisations
  • To be a positive force to encourage and ensure that the local authority improves services for our children and young people
  • To be the strategic consultative body within Peterborough representing families of children and young people with disabilities and additional needs

You can contact Family Voice by completing their Contact form.

Family Voice Office Address:

105 Paynels
Orton Goldhay

Family Voice Telephone number: 01733 685510.


Family Voice produce a really good e-newsletter.  You can subscribe to it by completing their subscription contact form.

Their most recent newsletter is issue 4. In this issue they have quite a lot to let you know about. Also in this edition they are asking for fundraising support and also highlighting the many ways you can help.

Polls on the Family Voice Facebook page

Family Voice logo

Community equipment provision

Peterborough and Cambridgeshire’s contract for community equipment provision is due to expire in 2021.

As such they are currently redesigning the service specification and it is vital that parent carers who have young people with equipment needs give their feedback and have a say as to what needs they feel are not being met.

We have been asked to consult on their behalf – the first stage of this will be a survey we have compiled that parent carers can complete: we will present the results of this in a report to the lead commissioner.

Here is the link to the survey if you wish to participate

Topics of importance

Family Voice Peterborough (FVP) has decided after some consideration, to adopt the National Network of Parent Carer Forums's (NNPCF) approach to raising issues of importance known as ‘talking points’.

FVP will listen to what topics parent carers feel are most important, evidence these concerns and collate them into specific ‘Topics of Importance’.

The ‘topics of importance’ will detail the issue under discussion, what is being said, any sources of evidence used to develop the ‘topic of importance, what messages will be given to key partners and possible recommendations for change.’

FVP will choose the ‘topics of importance’ based on evidence gathered through online surveys and social media polls, soft intelligence from face to face and online discussions and through other interactions with parent carers in coffee mornings at schools, focus groups, networking events. FVP will also look to find other innovative ways to engage with parents and listen to their concerns as not all parents make use of social media channels.

Parents on Panel

The first topic of importance to be published is: Parents on Panels.

Information and Communication

The second Topic of Importance Family Voice peterborough have created, has just been published and will be taken to the SEND Partnership Board on 17th September by one of their team of Parent Representatives. There are a number of areas for consideration they have suggested to Peterborough City Council including;

  • Developing a SEND News Letter for Parents
  • Creating a new direct participation page on the Local Offer
  • Creating a Post Card showing sources of support to be passed to all parent carers known to services.

Once the response has been received this will be placed on thier website. It will also be published here on the Local Offer website.

SEND Strategy Information

Girl finger painting

You can find out more about the draft SEND Strategy on the SEND Strategy page.

Peterborough and Cambridgeshire’s contract for community equipment provision

Stair lift

The current contract for community equipment provision with NRS is up for retender in March 2021.

Peterborough City Council and Cambridgeshire County Council, in partnership with the Clinical Commissioning Group are looking at a service redesign for equipment provision. It is vital that you share your experiences and views to ensure the new service meets the needs of young people locally. Please complete the survey below:

This survey will be completed anonymously, the responses will be collated into a report which will be shared on the Local Offer. The raw data will not be shared in any form.

Contact a family

Contact A Family

Contact a Family have published their most recent parent carer participation webinars online, these can be found at the following links:

All other recorded webinars can be found on the Contact a Family web page along with training videos and the latest reports on parent carer participation.

Council for disabled children

The Council for disabled children is an umbrella body for the disabled children's sector bringing together professionals, practitioners and policy-makers.

View their website

Tthe CDC Digest - The voice of the disabled children’s sector

View the September 2019 issue

View the October Newsletter

Important National Surveys for you to complete

The Council for Disabled Children

The Children and Families Act came into force in September 2014, heralding the biggest reforms to Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) in a generation.

At the time, our Director Dame Christine Lenehan said changes would take another generation to embed.

As we reach the Act’s fifth anniversary, we want to hear your views in our annual survey on the experiences, successes and challenges, and get your feedback on future priorities for SEND.
Click here to take part.