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Welfare Benefits

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Attendance Allowance - April 2023

This is a tax-free benefit for people who are over state pension age who need help or support with personal care. It is not means tested so it does not matter how much income or capital a person has.

Benefit Cap - April 2023

The Benefit Cap refers to the amount of money working-age people can receive on some benefits. Even if their full entitlement would otherwise be higher.

Benefits for Carers - April 2023

Carers Allowance is a benefit only for carers. This factsheet explains the rules for getting this benefit. It shows how getting Carers Allowance can influence other benefits. It is important to check if Carers Allowance is the best option for the carer and the person who needs care.

How benefits are affected by moving into a care home - adults over 18 - April 2023

Information on how going in to residential or nursing care can affect benefits.

Disability Living Allowance - April 2023

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) is a tax-free benefit for people with disabilities. It is not means tested so it does not matter how much income or capital a person has. 

How periods in hospital can affect benefits - April 2023

Time spent in an NHS hospital can reduce the amount of benefit a person can get. Some benefits stop being paid while the claimant is in hospital.

Income Support for long term sick and disabled people - April 2023

This factsheet is only for people who still receive Income Support due to illness. Employment and Support Allowance replaced Income Support.

Universal Credit has now replaced this benefit.

Pension Credit - April 2023

Pension Credit has two parts; Guarantee Credit and the Savings Credit. The Guarantee Credit replaced Income Support for older people. The Savings Credit is a way some people can get extra help if they have saved for their retirement.

Personal Independence Payment - April 2023

Personal Independence Payment - descriptors and scores - April 2023

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) will replace Disability Living Allowance (DLA).

This applies to adults of working age – that is for people from the age 16 to the qualifying pension age.

Council tax support and discounts April 2023

Council tax support is the help you can get with your council tax payments. The amount of council tax that you must pay depends on where you live and the property band of your home.

Universal Credit - April 2023

Universal Credit integrates many existing benefits into one monthly payment.

It is a means-tested benefit. People will not be eligible if they have savings, income or assets worth more than £16,000.

Universal Credit - Transitional payment and transitional element April 2021

Universal Credit integrates existing means-tested benefits into one single monthly payment. The existing benefits are now referred to as ‘legacy benefits’.

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