City College Peterborough Day Opportunities (Adults)

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City College Peterborough Day Opportunities

Day Opportunities is Peterborough’s largest local day support specialist provider and experienced social care provider, supporting young people and adults with learning disabilities, autism and complex needs to live the fullest life possible. 

To access these opportunities a social care assessment is needed. However, the Skills Development hub is for 'drop in' for anyone.

Their centre for Complex Needs and four hubs are located throughout Peterborough. They offer skills development, supporting work opportunities and maintain health and wellbeing. Being part of City College, they have access to skills funding for the people they support and parent/carers. 

Co-production is at their heart whether by staff creating individual support plans or their Advisory Board making important decisions. The advisory board members are experts by experience and comprise of the people they support, parents, carers and front-line staff.

Complex Needs Day Opportunities

Day opportunities for people with complex needs

The Kingfisher Centre, Bretton, Peterborough, is a fully accessible day support centre for people with high complex needs who require support with most aspects of their life in respect of eating and drinking and specialist communication.

The Centre has specialist bathrooms fully equipped with overhead hoists and showering changing facilities, fully equipped sensory and UV rooms plus plenty of activity rooms. 

Tailored activity plans are offered based on individual needs and enjoyment, both onsite and within local communities. Activities help build confidence, keeping people actively engaged improving confidence, independence and social interaction.

Some of the activities offered linked to individual’s goals and aspirations are –

  • Ice Skating – providing individuals with an environment where they get sensory stimulation from the colder atmosphere and a sense of speed, individuals are supported onto the ice in their wheelchairs
  • Sailability – Using specially adapted boats at Ferry Meadows working with the Sailability volunteers gives people the opportunity to interact with new people and gain a sensory experience. It is an opportunity to come out of wheelchairs offering freedom of movement. A Lugger boat is used which has bean bag style seats providing comfort to people who have no sitting ability
  • Hydro-therapy swimming using the Hydrotherapy pool based in Dogsthorpe. Physiotherapy exercises and swimming is a weightless form of exercise. The warmth of the water enables muscles to relax and joints become more flexible.  The temperature in the hydrotherapy pool is ideal for individuals with very complex needs to keep themselves warm in a pool
  • Visits to local cafes as part of individuals 1-1 support time or in small groups. This is an important part of people’s social time giving them the chance to relax with their 1-1 worker or with friends, while experiencing social environments

Linked to individual’s goals, aspirations and needs a variety of sessions are run.  Some of the sessions currently running are:

  • TACPAC. Activities combine touch to music to promote communication, social interaction and emotional development.  Sessions consist of six experiences in a planned sequence for maximum variety of stimulus, ending with a relaxing piece of music. Linking familiar music with objects, actions and people in a pattern of different activities, the partners communicate with each other.
  • Sensory Stories containing sensory experiences for example if the story is about an animal a piece of furry fabric is used or if the story includes rain, a water mister is used.  This ensures people and involved in the story.
  • UV (Ultra Violet light) sessions encourages concentration, focus and promotes participation in an activity. It also increases hand-eye coordination 
  • Rebound Therapy using the trampoline.  Rebound therapists have devised personalised programmes which are revised and developed all the time as the people increase in confidence on the trampoline or improve their fitness and core strength
  • Use of adult mobility walkers people who have weight bearing ability, but are unable to stand unaided, are supported into walkers to mobilise around the building giving them freedom of movement, whilst improving strength and muscle tone in their legs

Contact Debbie Hembrow, Team Manager on 01733 797 726

Kingfisher Hub

Supporting adults with learning disabilities and autism

The Kingfisher Hub, based at the Kingfisher Centre, Bretton, is a day centre that supports adults with learning disabilities and autism to participate in a range of meaningful activities.

The Hub offers a wide range of sessions both on site and within the local community such as sailing, golf, snooker, adapted cycling, archery, cooking and rebound therapy, to develop skills and promote independence.

The Hub also houses a drop-in service designed to provide advice and guidance, prevent social isolation and to signpost individuals to appropriate services as needed.        

Contact Rachel Bright, Hub Coordinator on 01733 797 709

City Centre Hub

Supporting adults with disabilities, autism and additional needs

The City Centre Hub, based at City College Peterborough, is a day centre for adults with learning disabilities, autism and additional needs.

The Hub supports individuals to engage in a range of meaningful activities both on site and within the local community. The Hub offers fully equipped specialist bathrooms with overhead hoists and showering changing facilities. There is an activity room used for exercise classes and arts and craft sessions, as well as a computer area for accessing the internet and emails. This allows people to learn how to use internet banking, do online shopping or simply to browse the internet.

In the kitchen area individuals can engage in cooking sessions to develop skills for people on a low budget, live alone or those who simply enjoy cooking. 

The City Centre Hub is also home to the ‘Pretty Things’ arts and crafts supported enterprise. This group enables supported people to make a range of personalised crafts and jewellery which are then sold in the City College coffee shop.

The Hub provides a safe haven for people with a wide range of increased support needs, where they can meet, chat and feel safe; this is essential for preventing loneliness and social isolation. Hub staff offer advice and support to enable people to increase their independence, prevent crisis and resolve ongoing issues.  This can include issuing food bank vouchers and making referrals for clothes and furniture items.

Staff can support with financial and housing issues, help with completing forms, and support people with medical referrals and healthcare appointments.

Contact Sarah Collins, Hub Coordinator on 01733 588 355

Employability Hub

Providing support to find employment opportunities

The Employability Hub, at 441 Lincoln Road, Peterborough, provides support to find paid work, voluntary work or work experience for people with learning difficulties and disabilities. 

Support is also offered on the following areas:

  • to identify training opportunities
  • job searching
  • applying for vacancies
  • interview preparation
  • attending interviews and travel training.

Once a position is found Job Coach support is also available. 

Contact Allison Valentine, Lead Job Coach on 01733 797 719

441 Club Catering 

441 Club Catering runs a cafe at the Dementia Resource Centre providing freshly prepared hot and cold drinks, snacks, breakfasts and lunches. This includes:

  • Sandwiches

  • Rolls

  • Baguettes

  • Fruit

  • Crisps

  • Chocolate

  • Drinks

For meetings, parties, events, regular orders and much more they offer buffets

and sandwiches, catering for as little as 2 people to large events, all freshly

prepared in their 5 star rated kitchens. 

Contact Andy Hewson on 07494 266 960

Industrial Hub

Training opportunities and work experience

The Industrial Hub in Hampton, Peterborough, provides training opportunities and work experience for people with learning and physical disabilities. 

People are encouraged to get involved in a variety of activities and enterprises  These include:

  • making woodwork items
  • making kindling from donated pallets which is sold in local shops  
  • garden maintenance
  • can crushing
  • painting
  • envelope filling

People are encouraged to work together as part of team.  

Hampton Handy Crafts  

Provides an opportunity for adults with learning difficulties to make a range of unique, themed and personal gifts and signs. The outcomes include learning new skills, social engagement, confidence and motivation. Regular stalls are held at City College Peterborough. Items are also sold through the Hampton Handy Crafts Facebook page and there is a shop at the Industrial Hub in Hampton.   


Three allotments plots at Hack Road site are supported by a knowledgeable volunteer.  At the sites seasonal fruits and vegetables are grown during March to October.  People are shown how to maintain and develop the site and everything is grown from seed in pots.  Each person has their own role within the allotment which helps them to achieve ownership and pride in their roles.  

The fruit and veg grown is then used by other local mini enterprises.  The sessions run 3 days a week Monday, Tuesdays and Fridays.  

Please contact Sarah Lewis, Hub Co-ordinator on 01733 797701 

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