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Educational Psychology Service

Educational Psychology Service

The Educational Psychology Service is for children and young people aged 0 to 25. All of the Educational Psychologists (EPs) we employ are registered with the Health Care Professions Council and have specialist training and qualifications in Child Development, Psychology and Education.

EPs advise staff, other professionals and parents/carers on ways of supporting children in their educational, emotional and social development. Where appropriate EPs carry out psychological assessments of children and young people in a range of settings including early years, schools and colleges.

Requesting the involvement of an Educational Psychologist

A request for the involvement of an EP is normally made by a school or other educational setting in the first instance.

The request will only be made after the school and parent/carer have discussed their concerns about a child/young person’s development and have together agreed that a request for involvement from the EP Service would be helpful. The request for involvement will not be accepted by the EP Service unless the parent/carer has given their full consent via a signature and not only verbally.

Sometimes a parent/carer may prefer to seek advice from an EP directly with regards to concerns they might have. Under these circumstances a parent/carer can book an appointment with the EPS as part of the open access Parent or Young Person onsultation Service.

As the EP Service also works with young people up to the age of 25 they can also seek advice from an EP directly with regards to concerns that they may have with regard to their continued education. Under these circumstances a young person, aged 16 or over and attending a college placement, can book an appointment with the EPS, as part of the open access Parent or Young Person Consultation Service.

Educational Psychology open access Parent or Young Person Consultation Service

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Educational Psychology open access Parent or Young Person Consultation

A parent/carer or young person (aged 16 or over and attending a college placement) can meet directly with an EP to discuss their concerns. The consultation
meetings are held monthly at the City Care Centre between 1pm and 4pm.
Consultations are by appointment only and bookings need to be made one month in
advance. To book or enquire about dates please telephone 01733 863689.

The aim is to give a parent / young person time and space to reflect on their
concerns and consider ways in which they can help to move things forward for
themselves or the child or young person.

The child or young person, under 16 years of age or still attending pre-school / school setting will not be needed at the appointment. However, if a parent / young person would find it helpful, a member of staff from the educational setting, another involved professional or friend/relative could accompany them to the appointment.

During the session the EP will prepare a written record of the consultation and give
the parent or young person a copy. The EP will not share this information with other
professionals unless the EP has permission or thinks a child or young person may
be in danger or at risk. We will take some details from a parent or young person
when they book a meeting on the telephone.

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