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Feedback on the Education, Health and Care Planning Process

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If you have recently been through the Education, Health and Care Planning process we would like to hear from you.

Whether you are a parent/carer, a professional or a young person, we need to understand how the process was for you and how we could make it better. You can do this by completing a short survey.

We have 2 surveys available

Parent/Carer and professionals

This survey is available for you to complete online

Child and Young Person

This survey is an easy read document and you can download the printable version

Request a paper copy

If you prefer, you can request a paper copy of either survey to be sent out to you by telephoning the Statutory Assessment and Monitoring Service on 01733 863733

The results of the surveys and improvements as a result, will be published on the Local Offer.

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Education, Health and Care Plans - Quality assurance review feedback summary, March 2020

A multi-agency review group including representation from Family Voice Peterborough continues to review several randomly selected Education, Health and Care Plans from different age groups on a half termly basis. This is a summary of the most recent review findings outlining areas that have improved or are strengths and key areas to address, which are also included in the EHCP improvement plan. The group reviewed six recently issued plans including the professional advice provided.

Review findings

Areas of strength or where improvements were seen.

  • The majority of the plans reviewed were written using language that was clear and easy to understand. They would be easy for families to read.
  • The strengths of the child/young adult were always included.
  • The views of parents/carers came across strongly.
  • There were clear links seen in all of the plans between needs, outcomes and provision – “the golden thread”.
  • The outcomes specified were in the main all SMART and relevant to the needs identified.
  • There is evidence of an increase in health advice being provided.

Areas for improvement

The key issues that continue to be a challenge and form part of the improvement plan include:

  • Lack of representation of the child/young person’s voice, aspirations and views
  • No reference to preparation for adult life outcomes.
  • Need for consistent way of describing needs.
  • Limited response and input from social care.
  • Professional advice that is not specific or does not include relevant suggested outcomes.
  • Need for a system of proof reading to reduce inadvertent errors.

EHCP Improvement Plan - March to September 2020

1. Establish and implement a process of proof reading for all new EHC Plans to minimise typing errors and provide a “sense check” for the content.

Action by - Local Authority, Health

2. Review or reorder Section A of the Plan template (including a review of the prompt text).

a) to ensure that the child/young person’s views are more prominent and that a sense of who they are as a person emerges first.

b) develop an “All About Me” pen portrait to ensure that there is a stronger “voice”.

c) add a prompt relevant to “family context”.

Action by - Multi Agency Review Group.

3. Monitor and track the processes that have been established with social care colleagues to ensure that advice and reports are provided, and that new Plans all have sections D and H completed. Get feedback from new system on numbers and timeliness of reports for next QA meeting.

Action by - Local Authority

4. Monitor and track the processes that have been established with health colleagues to ensure that advice and reports are provided, and that new Plans all have sections C and G completed. Get feedback from new system on numbers and timeliness of reports for next QA meeting.

Action by - Health

5. Arrange a workshop or training event to develop agreed local policy on the approach to describing special educational needs.

Action by - Local Authority

6. Review format of professional advice being used to develop a consistent approach to describing and recording suggested outcomes.

Action by - Local Authority

7. Introduce a “SEND outcomes champion” in every service who will proof read and critique proposed draft outcomes in a report to ensure that they are SMART.

Action by - Local Authority