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Local Offer for Young People

example of the new webpage for the Local offer

Local Offer for Young People

The council is planning a brand new Local Offer for Children and Young people.

It's not ready yet but we are working on it right now. Take a look at what children and young people have been planning with us so far.

Local Offer for Children and Young People

image of a web page

What has happened so far?

During Spring 2018 discussions started around a Local Offer for Children and Young People and a small amount of funding was secured to develop some templates for new pages on the Local Offer. 

We are very clear that these special web pages should be produced by children and young people for children and young people. Co-production is therefore very important.

How will the new pages be different?

The new pages will be mostly photographs and videos with very little text. See some examples of proposals for our pages here.

How have we involved children and young people in the process?

We have been developing the new pages on a regular basis with the Youth Access Champions.  Sometimes they do this at their own meetings and sometimes they do this at our meetings. This input has helped us enormously. 

In Mid September we held a co-production and participation event, facilitated by Kids, to develop more ideas for the pages. We could tell you all about this meeting but feel it's better to come from some of the pupils from Jack Hunt School that attended the event.

Youth Access Champions

Youth Access Champions Photo

The Youth Access Champions now have a Facebook page. Go check them out! 

Read about the Participation and co-production day to develop the new Local Offer for Children and Young People

Participation and co-production day to develop the new Local Offer for Children and Young People



On Friday 14 September the Local Offer Team put on a co-production and participation event for children and young people about the development of the Local Offer for Children and Young People.  The event was facilitated by Kids, a national charity providing a wide range of support services to disabled children, young people and their families. They work with over 80 local authorities throughout England and support over 15,000 disabled children, young people and their families every year.


The decision to hold the event was heavily influenced from comments made by our Youth Access Champions raised at several meetings throughout the year on which they are represented including the Preparing for Adulthood and the Local Offer Governance and Participation group.


18 adults attended the morning session and 25 children attended the afternoon session. We were actually overwhelmed by the response after the SENCo lead invited all schools and actually had to turn people away as the venue was not big enough!  We had children and young people from a primary school, a secondary school and a special schools. The students had a range of disabilities including physical disabilities, learning disabilities and sensory impairment.


We held the event at City College Peterborough who provided two rooms and a lavish lunch for us all.

Everyone agreed that the event was a huge success.  It was inspiring to see the children and young people so engaged in the work. They produced some stunning drawings and we will be using some as illustrations and icons for the new website.  We have also made changes to the font type and colours as well as looking into additional use of images to act as ‘buttons’ to link to other pages.


Students from Jack Hunt School engaging in the workshop.  Photo courtesy of Jack Hunt School


Jack Hunt School have published an article on their website about the event.

Examples of the icons designed by the students..


We had already created some suggested new web page templates for the website based on a workshops we attended with local authorities in the region and hosted by Norfolk County Council. The work we looked at had been built up over two years specific research and was a valuable and reliable starting point for us.  We also asked the Youth Access Champions for their comments on our new web page designs and the ‘live’ pages published by Norfolk County Council. All feedback was very positive. The landing page design is shown below.


We have also demonstrated these suggested pages to a wide range of groups including the Local Offer Governance and Participation Group and Preparing for Adulthood Group. Family Voice Peterborough also held an event to review the new web page designs and provided us with detailed feedback

The Local Offer Team, Kids staff and the Access Champions at the event

The participation and co-production day to develop the new Local Offer for Children and Young People was our final step before finalising the new pages.  We will, of course, be testing views throughout the process and after the new pages have been produced as part of our continuous improvement process.


Aisia from Kids facilitating the event


Feel the Force Day October 2018

picture of people attending the feel the force event

The annual Feel the Force Day was bigger and better than ever this year.

The event, which is the only film and TV convention in the world designed to be fully accessible for children and adults with disabilities, was held at the Kingsgate Conference Centre in Peterborough on Saturday 6 October 2018.

Jacky Cozens and Roger Valentine from Peterborough City Council were there to promote the Local Offer and offer information and advice to parents of children with special educational needs and disabilities.

The event was attended by a number of celebrities including John Altman from Eastenders. Spencer Wilding from Star Wars, comedians Trevor and Simon and Ronnie Ledrew who is the man behind Zippy from Rainbow!


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