Local Account - Ensuring safety

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What we are proud of

  • Multi disciplinary working around safe systems and an effective Safeguarding Adults Board working together to safeguard vulnerable adults
  • 0-25 service in Adult Social Care to support transitions for young people into adulthood
  • We have an established Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Team with high rates of applications and good timelines for authorisations.  This ensures that people who do not have mental capacity are cared for in ways that reflect their best interests

What we are working to make better

  • Better long term planning and a better enablement offer
  • 'Home First' programme improving the ability of people to be discharged to their own homes
  • Embedding 'Making Safeguarding Personal' and improving how we listen to the voice of the person in safeguarding - both in how we work together as organisations and in our day to day safeguarding practice

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